3. System requirements

The aim of the project was to create a system that would enable the users to log errors found in browser-based applications. This database of errors is administered using a web browser. To further specify the desired functionality some specific requirements were set. The requirements are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 - Requirements for the Marmalade system

Requirement Explanation
Bug reporting must be convenient A bug database is useful only if bugs are reported. By making the process as convenient as possible, the probability of reporting is increased.
The system must be independent of the server platform of the tracked application The system must be able to track systems built on various server platforms or even static XHTML- pages.
The system must support multiple projects The system must support multiple projects and allow a single user to work on several projects at the same time.
The system must support customized reports Users must be able to create customized queries to the database using the following options: Project Bug status Bug category Bug priority Keyword
The reporting client should log additional data automatically The reporting client should automatically send as much automatic data as possible to make the reproduction of errors as simple as possible: “Without duplicating the environment of the problem, you cannot be sure that you have fixed the problem.” [1, p. 289]
The system must support attachments Attachments allow the reporter to describe the reported error with files such as: Screen captures Content documents Corrected images
The system must log bug category and status The system must keep a record of an individual bug’s category and status.
The system must log reporter name and e-mail In case the bug description is vague or some other additional information is needed, the person who reported the error should be contacted.
New bug entries must be reported via e-mail Once a bug is reported, e-mail should be sent to the appropriate e-mail address or a group of e- mail addresses.
The bug reports should be easily printable Nielsen [4, p.95] underlines that under certain circumstances, traditional printouts are still very valuable, for example, as handouts in meetings.