Large pictures:

World Domination : Priceless!
Computer terminology
New version of Monopoly
Monopoly cards
Novell vs Microsoft
Bill Hitler
New Office Companion
New Microsoft mouse
MS Eraser: The film
New microsoft keyboard
Office 2000 (100% Y2K certified)
Evil empires...
Linux 95
New Microsoft cellphone
Microsoft marketing techniques (french)
World greatest disasters...
Word 2000 hidden options settings
new Windows shutdown dialog box
Bill Borg
The emperor's new clothes
Resistance is futile!
The Ultimate Solution!
Bill Gates Dongeons & Dragons character sheet
Bill Gates receiving a cream pie in the face (animated)
Microsoft World Domination 99 CD
Windows 95 for Commodore 64
Jill Bates
Billgatus of Borg
Real BMW advertisement!
MS Internet Exterminator
Bill Gates CEO sleepover
The CEO game
Demise of apple ?
IE pepsi can, The requirement of a new generation
Microsoft IE homepage

Small & animated GIF:

Want it or not, you will get it...
This is your brain on drugs
IE crashed again
Bill Gates an Janet Reno fighting
Windows breakup
Bill Gates restricting Netscape
Justice trying to untie MSIE from Windows
There can only be one God
Mozilla destroying MSIE button
Resistance is futile
Bill gates, Supermoney hero
Big fish eating smaller ones
The true nature of Bill gates
New Microsoft Motto
King tasting IE
Apple logo fighting Windows logo
Bill gates plans for the future
Bill lose money and cry
Microsoft slogan
MSIE: The browser from hell
Bill loosing crontrol of Windows
Microsoft broken into several "baby bills"
NT 4.0 lemon
MSIE bad taste
Windows copied on Mac
Not powered by Active X button
Bill gates morphing into a devil
Bill crushed by the statue of justice
IE crushing Netscape
MSIe crasing it's way thru the city
Frustrated Windows user
Windows 95 outside logo
Microsoft word error message
Microsoft Scud missile launcher exploding
User puking on Bill Gates
You will be assimilated
Bill Gates, King of the world
Bill crushing the competition under his foot
Bill gates true identity
IE pepsi can, The requirement of a new generation
Monster truck, crashing IE

Miscelaneous buttons:

Other fun things to download:
Windows Parody in Shockwave
Video sequence of the Win98 TV presentation that crashed
Small computer game where you throw pies at Bill Gates